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Finally, a simple way for Asian foodies like you to reduce cancer risk and optimize recovery after cancer so that you can feel energized and nourish your body with confidence... without ever having to follow a Western diet or go vegan.

Stop feeling like you have to eat peanut butter and apple slices… and start nourishing your body with culturally familiar foods that you’ll actually enjoy eating.

I'm Cindy, a Taiwanese-American oncology nutritionist and chef behind Cancer Nutrition in a Bowl. 

My goal is to help East Asian foodies and cancer thrivers like you feel energized and confident eating the foods you love.

Unlike generic and restrictive diet approaches that are only tailored to Western palates, I translate conventional cancer nutrition recommendations to culturally familiar foods (through Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean recipes, +more!)

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For East Asian Foodies & Cancer Thrivers

Finally, a simple way to nourish your body, help reduce your cancer risk, and optimize your cancer recovery... without having to follow a Western diet or go vegan.

  • Access FREE Taiwanese and Asian soup recipes right away so that you can start recreating the flavors you grew up eating
  • Join the cancer nutrition & cooking course waitlist today to get an early bird discount before it launches to everyone else.

Free Cancer-Fighting Nutrients Guide

Are you ready to nourish your body with delicious East Asian foods? And learn about the key nutrients to help you reduce cancer risk and optimize recovery after cancer?

This is the best place to start + you get a FREE guide!

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